Brandon Graham's "King City" isn't a title I anticipated sticking with when it made its way from Tokyopop tankobon to over-sized single-issues at Image. After digging into the series for a few months, however, it's hard to imagine my reading pile without it.

That's why I was delighted to discover, via Image's April solicitation info, that the issue will also include a playable board game. Sure, the incentive game could turn out to be a superficial time killer, but I think it's more likely to amount to a nice desk decoration.

The cover shows off foldable character tokens that can be clipped and put into action on what I'm assuming will be a board printed on or near the book's back cover.

I'm not certain how much the game has to do with the issue's storyline (or if it does at all, really), but I'll be dadburned if the design element doesn't look cool enough to merit considering picking up two copies in order to clip the pieces out without ruining an archivable issue.

This line of reasoning may be the result of Graham's clever aesthetic manipulation, but as a fan of the book, I wouldn't condemn doubling its sales by hook or by...board game.

We'll see when the issue arrives in stores on April 21.