King Features Syndicate, the company behind getting pretty much half of the comic strips you've ever heard of into newspapers and elsewhere, has launched a new portal for reading its content. Dubbed Comics Kingdom, the newly launched portal hosts King Features Syndicate's more than 80 titles. And yes, that includes Chris Sims favorites Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft by Tom Batiuk.

The new portal replaces KFS's previous DailyInk comic subscription service. If you scan daily strips on your local newspaper website you're likely already used to seeing the Comics Kingdom branding in place.

Those who choose to become paid Comics Kingdom subscribers get access to bonus features and won't have do deal with advertising associated with standard strip reading online. These features include deeper standard comics archives, the ability to share comics through e-mail and social media, the ability to order prints of strips, expanded access to vintage comics and keyword search capabilities for particular strips. We've yet to try it out, but we can only imagine how many Batiuk strips will surface when keyword searching "crushing despair" and/or "oblivion." Surely KFS knows its audience well enough to tag them appropriately...

Comic Kingdom was designed with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets in mind, in the name of giving subscribers access to content on most anything with a screen.

Official Comic Kingdom subscription pricing follows the previous DailyInk model, with single-month access for $1.99 or a full year of access for a single payment of $19.99.

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