I'm not really a beer drinker -- I prefer my alcoholic beverages to be the sort of sugary concoctions that either involve a handful of fruit and a blender or about as much chocolate as your average donut -- but if there's one thing that could get me to check out a bottle of pale ale, it'd be tying it to the legendary King of Comics, Jack Kirby. Which, believe it or not, is something that's actually happening.

In a celebration of what would've been Kirby's 98th Birthday on August 28, New York's Schmaltz Brewery is releasing a limited edition King Kirby Genesis Ale, available for purchase at a birthday party in Clifton Park New York. For $20, attendees will be able to wish the King a happy birthday and mingle with comic creators like Ron Marz, Tom Raney and Paul Harding -- who designed the label for the beer -- as well as Fred Van Lente and Crystal Skillman, writers of the recent play about his life, King Kirby. There will also be cake.


King Kirby Genesis Ale


In addition to providing cake and beer for purchase, the event will also raise money for the Hero Initiative, a charity that helps out comic book creators in need. The Hero Initiative will use Kirby's birthday as an occasion for other events, too, so check out their website for more info -- and if you're in or near Clifton Park, New York, hit up the birthday party and let me know how that beer is.

I assume the cake will be fantastic.

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