I've been excited about Greg PakMirko Colak, Wil Quintana, and Simon Bowland's Kingsway West ever since it was announced. Not only am I a fan of pretty much everyone involved already, but the idea of a Chinese gunslinger roaming through an Old West blasted apart by wars over "Red Gold," a mysterious substance that makes magic happen? That, friends and neighbors, is exactly my jam.

But if you need a little extra reason to get hype for it, Greg Pak --- a man who is always staying on his grind --- has provided. Check out a full-on video trailer below, featuring art from the comic, narration from Pak, and an original Kingsway West-inspired song by Adam Warrock!



Pak also sent along a quote for our readers:

Kingsway West has been a labor of love for the entire creative crew. I've been dreaming about this story for literally twenty three years and I can't wait for the world to see the first issue on August 24. For the time being, I'm thrilled we're finally revealing more of this emotional, searing art from Mirko Colak and colorist Wil Quintana in this trailer and in the previews to come later this week. If you like what you see, please do let your local comics shop know you want a copy! Independent comics like this live and die by pre-orders, so the number one thing you can do right now to support it is to tell your local shop you want it before final order cutoff on August 1. Thanks so much for your consideration!

In the quote, Pak highlights one of the more notable aspects of the book that has nothing to do with the story, in that he's done his level best to make pre-ordering the book as easy as it can be. We've written a lot about the frustrations of having to pre-order monthly comics through Diamond, but setting up a website with a pretty simple drop down menu that automatically alerts your local comic book shop is a solid idea, and hopefully one that will work well enough that other publishers take note of.

Kingsway West #1 will be available on August 24.


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