The best idea from the New 52 relaunch of Superman continues to endure, in fan consciousness if not in continuity; Superman as social crusader, taking on ills of our world that have been elevated to human-plus levels. This was a version of Superman that fought familiar evils --- corrupt cops and crooked businessmen who thought they were above the law --- in a T-shirt and jeans.

The idea was central to the stories told by Rags Morales and Grant Morrison in their run on Action Comics, but it also found its way into the works of other creators, including a Zero Year tie-in that saw Superman fighting one of the most virulent evils of our world: white supremacists.


DC Comics


Published back in January 2014, Action Comics #25, written by Greg Pak, with pencils by Aaron Kuder, colors by Arif Prianto and letters by Carlos M. Mangual, is mostly about Superman fighting a hurricane as he learns to expand his approach to problems beyond violence and become a more well-rounded superhero. But it’s still a beautiful, cathartic opening sequence, watching men lower than a worm get laid out by the Man of Steel.

And it carries on the proud tradition of “someone freaking out in the viewer’s face as Superman hefts a car” that dates all the way back to Action Comics #1.


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We at ComicsAlliance are very into the idea of white supremacists getting clocked in the face and humiliated in public --- possibly even set to music. Comics haven’t mastered the art of setting something to music, but they do have Superman, and that’s pretty good too.


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Everyone saw this man cry on TV.


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