Early last week famed comic book rockers Kirby Krackle began teasing a new project with Marvel Comics via the very ComicsAlliance-approved method of tweeting a photo of a signed contract amid cocktails and a raging Iron Man action figure. The band didn't sit on the news for long, either, covering its studio session for the mysterious "Project Moonbase" this past weekend by tweeting a number of images depicting Kracklers Jim Demonakos, Kyle Stevens and the live KK band hard at work.The true nature of the codenamed "Project Moonbase" won't be revealed for another week or so, but it seems pretty clear that KK is recording at least song for a Marvel multimedia project.

Marvel has become known for generating music in-house for use in its comic book storyline trailers and animated Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! shorts, so it's possible that KK are lending their talents to such a project. Despite performing live with the band on several occasions, Marvel Editor in Chief and chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada doesn't seem to be directly involved with the creation of this song, but at this stage there's really no telling what will go into the recording aside from the regular KK instrument lineup.

As far as the project name "Moonbase" goes, it could suggest the song has something to do with Marvel's various moon dwellers. The Inhumans have a crib up there, along with Uatu the Watcher and a few other notable weirdos. Of course, the project name could just be awesome nonsense. Either way is legit.

Until official word filters down, fans can tide themselves over with the knowledge that the song (or songs) is mixed, that more news is coming, and the promise that no moons or bases were harmed in the process.

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