As the sole member of the "F-Sharp Bell Corps," the sightless Rot Lop Fan gets a lot of credit for infusing the Green Lantern corps with some much needed sound. Fortunately for Hal Jordan, there's an additional cache of would-be Lanterns with the ability to overcome great fear through music and aid the hero in his battle against Sinestro in Kirby Krackle's new animated video for "Ring Capacity." Crafted by longtime Kracklanimator Betsy Lee, the new cartoon centers around a concert colliding with a cosmic clash of colorful constructs. There's not much doubt as to the outcome with Kirby Krackle in Hal's corner, but it's plenty of fun to watch. Check it out after the cut."Ring Capacity" is Lee's fourth and easily most complex KK music video project, building on previous animations for "Take it From Me," "Up, Up, Down, Down," and "Secret Identity," which dropped back in January.

If you think the song has what it takes to hang on the official Green Lantern soundtrack, KK's got a Facebook group with your name on it. Sure, it may be too late to appear on this summer's GL film, but there's always sequel potential.

See the new "Ring Capacity" video below:

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