From the release of Kirby Krackle's sophomore album, E For Everyone to the band's numerous convention appearances, music video debuts and Marvel theme songs, it's been a dadburn fine year to be a Kracklehead. But rather than cashing in on their much-deserved license to ride out the rest of 2010 throwing back eggnog, the KK duo of Kyle Stevens and Jim Demonakos have decided to gift fans with a brand new holiday tune, Vigilante Christmas.

You are going to want to hear this jam after the jump.A parody that puts the Punisher's perspective on Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Vigilante Christmas is available as a free download at Kirby Krackle's official site. I'd talk more about the song's killer lyrical content, but KK were kind enough to simply furnish us with the words to the entire yuletide track:

"Have yourself a vigilante Christmas,

Avenge your wife and kids.

From now on your dreams are of C4 and SIGs

Have yourself a vigilante Christmas,

Drown the streets in blood.

Kill the Don and generals, watch those capos run

Here they are in my sniper scope,

where they lose all hope from afar.

And faithful friends like my gattling gun,

napalm burning bright like a star.

Through the years I've killed my share of vermin

If the fates allow

Hang 'em, drown 'em, cut 'em,

make your family proud

And have yourself a vigilante Christmas now.

And have yourself a vigilante Christmas now."

Stream and sing along to the new jam below, won't you?

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