Back in November, Marvel Comic tasked Seattle rockers Kirby Krackle with writing and recording a theme song for the publisher's weekly news show, The Watcher, hosted by Grace Randolph. The result was "Who Watches the Watcher?" a catchy power pop/doo-wop jam that answers the question begged by its title by namedropping everyone from Deadpool to Devil Dinosaur. Awesome as the song is, since its a Marvel tune its not available on Kirby Krackle's albums -- including the recently released Super Powered Love -- it's been unavailable for on-demand jamming... until now. Marvel's harnessed the power of resident What The--?! animator Alex Kropinak to deliver a star-studded music video that sees Uatu himself croon Kyle Stevens-style. Uatu you waiting for? (HAW!) Check out the new music video for "Who Watches the Watcher" after the jump.

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