Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley and Cory Walker's Invincible has been going strong for over thirteen years with relatively little disruption and almost no major creative team changes; a rarity in modern comics. However, today in a blog post Kirkman announced that Invincible will in fact be ending, and the creative team is set to bring the series to a close next year with Invincible #144.

In his blog post at Skybound, Kirkman talks about his initial plan for Invincible to carry on without him like most mainstream superhero characters, but as work continued on the next arc --- titled "The End of All Things" --- both Kirkman and Ottley realized separately that they were working towards a conclusion. The decision was reached to end the series sometime next year rather than bring on new creators.

Invincible began way back in January 2003 in an industry that looked very different from the current landscape, and has been a consistent presence in comic stores over the years. The series really came into its own with the now famous Invincible #11, where the titular character discovered a shocking secret about his family and origin that continues to have repercussions to this day.

The series took the simple idea of "What if Superman was Spider-Man?" and built a rich and complex world of heroes, villains, friendships, rivalries and adventures. Over the years, Kirkman, Ottley, Walker and others have built up their own superhero universe with its own continuity and spin-offs, like The Astonishing Wolf-Man and Guarding The Globe.

The final issue of Invincible will likely ship in mid-2017.

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