Koalas -- for all their seeming cuddliness, sleepiness, pouchiness and eucalyptus eatingness -- can more or less be characterized as darling-but-boring marsupials. But in the new interactive webcomic "Kommand the Koala" by cartoonist David Houry, things have gotten pretty exciting since Houry invited readers to choose what happens to Martin the koala by leaving comments.

Since dropping into a vague ventilation system a few short days ago, users have commanded Martin to scale his surroundings using chewed bubble gum, to slip and fall atop a pile of rats, and then to break into a Broadway musical style song about teamwork with said vermin.

Shortly after, comments demanding explosions began.

Houry's simple comment-based command process has proven effective thus far, with a growing number of comments following each new post. Obviously not every comment makes it directly into successive strips, but Houry manages to compile the best commands into a fun (if nonsensical) narrative that takes as much advantage of its interactive nature as is reasonable.

It would probably be an abuse of commenting power to command Martin the koala to visit my home and play "Mario Kart Wii" with me, but I'll confess that the thought has crossed my mind. On second thought, I'm not sure my landlord would dig the inevitable explosions...

You just keep doing your thing, Martin.