Dan Harmon's hit animated show Rick and Morty is a property tailor-made for comics, packed full of mad science, alternate worlds and family drama. The ongoing series from Oni Press has been a huge hit with fans of the show, and later this year one of independent comics

In an exclusive interview with LA Times, Oni Press announced that Sexcastle writer Kyle Starks will be taking over the ongoing series beginning in July. Drawn by the regular team of CJ Cannon and Ryan Hill with back-ups by Marc Ellerby, Starks' joins the book for five issues beginning with Rick and Morty #16.

"I think fans can expect more of the same quality Rick and Morty fun that Oni has brought to comics." said Starks, speaking to ComicsAlliance, "Lots of great dialogue, ridiculous situations, Jerry being an unbearable twit. More of the same but with a Kyle Starks twist."

The first issue of Starks' run sees Morty sick of the dangerous situations he constantly finds himself in, so he convinces Rick to use his genius to create something to help people. This then leads to them attempting harvest "space medicine" from a distant world which only serves to put them both in as much danger as ever.

In his interview with LA Times, Starks goes onto say that three of his five issues with be an ongoing story which will delve into Rick's status as a protagonist who is often more villain than hero, comparing to him Breaking Bad's Walter White. He also plans to focus on Morty's sister Summer, whom he describes as one of the show's great characters.

Rick and Morty #16 will be released on July 27 from Oni Press. Check out LA Times' interview with Kyle Starks for more information and a look at both covers to his first issue.


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