British creative label Lazy Oaf launched a Batman-inspired apparel collection for both men and women, just in time to celebrate the success of The Dark Knight Rises. Known for their bright, pop culture-infused graphics inspired by fast food and Disney, the East London-based design team's take on Batman channels the fun, kitschy side of the Dark Knight. From cropped baseball tees to logo-splattered dresses, the Lazy Oaf x Batman collection is actually quite reminiscent of the material we saw in Batmania craze of the early '90s that followed the popularity of Tim Burton's first Batman film.

Some of the items are currently sold out, however Lazy Oaf will be restocking the collection within the next couple of weeks. Fortunately, this gives me enough time to scrounge up some of my leftover SDCC pocket change to pick up a few items for myself!

Bat Logo Bodysuit, £45 [link]

Bat Icon Mono Crop Shirt, £60 [link]

Happy Batman Slob T-shirt, £38 [link]

Cropped Baseball T-shirt, £40 [link]

Going Logo Bodycon Dress, £60 [link]

Logo Shirt, £65 [link]

Sheer Bat Cropped Top, £38 [link]

Batwing Shirt, £60 [link]

Leggings, £38 [link]

Bat Repeat T-shirt, £38 [link]

Going Logo Short Sleeve Shirt, £65 [link]

Character Repeat Short Sleeve Shirt, £65 [link]

Bat Logo Repeat Sweatshirt, £80 [link]

Bat Arm Sweatshirt, £80 [link]

Rucksack, £55 [link]

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