We're used to seeing things like Daniel Kanemoto's homemade The Walking Dead title sequence and Tyler Stout & Mike Saputo's Iron Man 2 posters and dozens of other fan-made materials eclipsing the quality of the real things, but rarely do we come across an amateur production that so brutally puts a professional product to shame as Lazy Teenage Superheroes. Directed by Michael Ashton and budgeted at just $300, the 13-minute short film is far and away the original live-action superhero thing we've ever seen. The first three minutes alone feature better (and far more) special effects, acting and story than the entirety of Heroes, The Cape, No Ordinary Family, etc. -- and we say that quite nearly without any hyperbole. It's actually really, really good.As made plain by the title, Lazy Teenage Superheroes is about a group of young metahumans more interested in getting drunk and stoned and looking at pornography than they are in saving the world. Unfortunately for them (and their hapless, non-superpowered friend Tyler), the group's enemies -- which include a giant space robot with a penchant for sick burns -- won't let them veg out in peace. You can watch the whole film -- which contains NSFW language -- below.

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