It’s been two months since The Legend of Korra finale was unleashed on the world, and the glow has yet to fade. Giddily captioned gifs of Korra and Asami’s handhold continue to dominate Tumblr blogs everywhere; Kuvira cosplayers exchange armor-making tips on Instagram; a tribute art show held by California’s Gallery Nucleus this past weekend had lines of eager fans spilling onto the sidewalks, and the featured art included series co-creator Bryan Konietzko’s gorgeous depiction of a Korrasami date night --- a piece that, on its own, raked in headlines from all corners of the internet.

We here at ComicsAlliance know a thing or two about loving (and obsessively analyzing) Nickelodeon’s groundbreaking action fantasy saga. We’ve expounded upon everything from its depiction of fascism to its value as progressive entertainment. So you can bet we’re excited for today’s DVD and Blu-ray release. You can check out an exclusive clip from one of the Blu-ray’s featurettes below --- a funny little insight into the show's New York Comic-Con panel that reveals the voice team’s behind-the-scenes rituals.



Though Korra’s voice actors delivered strong performances from the very beginning, Book Four’s conflict-heavy storyline brought their talents into even sharper focus. Janet Varney, who we were lucky enough to interview last summer at San Diego Comic-Con, brought a vulnerability we’d never seen before to Korra --- and, in the show’s finale, a triumphant confidence. David Faustino’s Mako delivered some much-needed comedy to the ensemble. But if I had to name a Book Four favorite, it would have to be P.J. Byrne’s Bolin. He might have joined a military dictatorship, but guys, he just wanted to help people!

A whole host of other features can be found on the Blu-ray, including, most tantalizingly, “The Legend of Puppetbender Presents.” Relive Korra’s legend all over again --- just remember to keep some tissues handy.

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