Often overlooked among The CW’s DC series, Legends of Tomorrow once upon a time aired only 16 episodes in Season 1, with the intent for Season 2 to join its compatriots in a full order. The CW only initially commit to another 13, but has officially extended the Legends’ Season 2 trip through time.

Per TVLine, The CW has officially extended Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 an additional four hours, bringing the final total to 17 episodes, up one from the previous year. For the moment at least, it remains unclear if the additional four episodes will continue on the current 13-episode arc, or pivot toward a new story to explore in a potential Season 3.

Ratings are reasonably consistent for the second season, and it’s a comfort to know that producers have a better handle on both heroes and villains this year, settling into more personal stories like last week’s “Abominations.” All that before even introducing the major villains of Season 2, a mini-take on the Legion of Doom.

In the meantime, Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 will continue with Thursday’s “Compromised,” taking a trip to the Reagan White House. See for yourself below.

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