You’d be forgiven not to have the clearest sense of what Noah Hawley’s X-Men derived Legion is actually about, given the surreal nature of all the footage released. By the same token, its mutant connection to the X-Men world has been kept somewhat vague, though Hawley himself now explains what powers and connections to the franchise we’ll see in Season 1.

A broad interview with Entertainment Weekly saw Fargo creator Hawley narrowing down a few specifics of the Marvel property, which premieres on February 8. Hawley remains adamant that the show should stand on its own, rather than invite any crossover from the X-Men movies, though he at least explained some of the mutant characters we’ll meet:

David has psychic abilities — telepathy and telekinesis among other things. He’s an omega mutant, he’s very powerful. Syd who’s played by Rachel Keller doesn’t like to be touched. If she touches your skin she trades places with you, her mind goes into your body and the other way around. We have an actor, Jeremy Harris, who plays a character named Ptonomy. He’s a memory artist. He remembers everything, and has the ability to take people back into their own memories, and helps David get into his mind. And there are other characters with other powers, but those are the main ones.

Is Jean Smart’s character a mutant as well?
She’s not.

Also worth noting, Hawley didn’t explicitly reference David’s comic father Charles Xavier, but did offer “David’s origin story hasn’t changed, so we haven’t changed that connection to the X-Men universe.”

We’ll have a closer look at the series on the way to its February premiere, but does FX’s Legion still pique interest in seeing mutants on TV? Have a fresh smattering of insane teasers below.


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