In the aftermath of last year's "Blackest Night" ring giveaway and the upcoming Flash and White Lantern--yes, really--rings, a homegrown postcard campaign has started by Sven Straatveit and Andres to get a little bit of that giveaway love thrown to the Legion of Super-Heroes and their trademark Flight Ring.

This is something that we here at ComicsAlliance can totally get behind.Not only would the the Flight Ring, as modeled at left by Superman, be a neat little tchotchke -- and a key wardrobe accessory for any Booster Gold fan -- but if there's any DC Franchise that could use a little promotional love, it's the Legion. They are, after all, the same team that's been through a four reboots in an effort to get new readership, including the recent and very enjoyable Geoff Johns regression of the team--or "deboot," as we like to call it--to a continuation of where they were in the '70s.

But even so, the presence of three distinct Legions (four if you count the recent animated series) can be a little confusing, and matters were only complicated further by the fact that the promised Legion backup stories in "Adventure Comics" were stuck on the back-burner in favor of a two-issue "Blackest Night" tie-in and the somewhat rushed conclusion of Johns' run on the title.

Even weirder, going from no Legion at all to a new ongoing Legion series by Paul Levitz and a regular gig in "Adventure Comics" teaming up with Superboy seems like a pretty risky strategy without making a concerted effort to reach new fans. And if there's one thing we've learned over the past year and the marked increase in sales from books like "R.E.B.E.L.S." #11, nothing warms the heart of the discerning comics fan like getting a free plastic ring with their purchase.

In short, would giving away a flight ring propel the new "Legion" title to "Blackest Night" level sales? Probably not. But it would be a fun way for DC to show the support for the book that's been pretty lacking, and maybe get a few new Legion fans in the process.

And considering that Legion fans are the kind of fans whose loyalty even "Green Lantern" readers think goes a bit far, that's probably worth the investment.

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