It's been an odd year for Bill Watterson. The iconic Calvin and Hobbes creator -- whose reclusive nature has informed his legacy almost as much as his brilliant comic strip in recent years -- saw the release last month of a documentary about the cartoonist and his legendary comic strip. Shortly before its release, Watterson engaged in a rare interview as well.

After all of that, it seemed as if the increased attention on the cartoonist would begin to wane again. Instead, it's only going to increase, as its been revealed that actor Leonardo DiCrapio will be producing a biopic of Watterson.

DiCaprio is teaming with Sherlock Holmes producer Roy Lee to adapt a spec script, "A Boy and his Tiger," for the as yet untitled biopic. The script, written by Dan Dollar, follows Watterson's ten year run on the influential comic strip, and chronicles the cartoonists attempts to deal with the immense and unexpected success the strip experienced. DiCaprio brought the script to Warner Bros., who bought the project and have seemingly fast tracked it into development, no doubt attempting to take advantage of the resurgence of attention Calvin and Hobbes has received this year.

There is currently no date announced for the film's release.


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