Everything old is all-new again in comics, so it's about time that Rob Liefeld's most iconic creator-owned work Youngblood got another day in the sun. Next year, The Rob is bringing Youngblood back to comics with a new ongoing series at Image, under the care of writer Chad Bowers and artist Jim Towe, whom Liefeld discovered on Twitter.

In a video interview with NerdyPop, Liefeld tells the story about how Towe redesigned the characters for fun and to stretch himself as an artist. After posting the images to Twitter and tagging Liefeld in the tweet, the veteran creator reached out and offered Towe pencilling duties on the upcoming ongoing series.




Joining Towe as writer is Chad Bowers, currently working together on the upcoming Marvel original graphic novel Deadpool: Bad Blood with ComicsAlliance's own Chris Sims. Sims and Bowers also currently write Marvel's X-Men '92, so a move to the only team more '90s than the X-Men is a pretty lateral shift.

On Twitter, Liefeld described his relationship to the project as similar to Brandon Graham's Prophet, which would mean that Bowers and Towe have pretty much free reign to reinvent Youngblood from the ground up.




According to Liefeld, full solicitations from Image won't arrive until there are at least three issues in the can in order to avoid lateness, as is now standard policy for Image. From the art shared so far, the team seems to be made up of Suprema, Doc Rocket, Shaft, Vogue, and Sentinel, with the first arc said to be about reintroducing and reinventing the team's most iconic member, Badrock. A character who looks to be Diehard can also be seen in Towe's redesigns, so it wouldn't be surprising if he showed up along the way too.

Check out Rob Liefeld's interview with NerdyPop below:



(Note: Chris Sims has no involvement with Youngblood and did not make any contribution to this piece.)

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