The question you need to ask yourself is, am I capable of making a life-size Megatron tank? if the answer is yes then you must immediately ask yourself a second question: why haven't I made a life-size Megatron tank? It doesn't matter, you're out of excuses. Because if a guy in China calling himself Steel Legend can make his life-size Megatron tank out of things he finds lying around, then what good are you to anyone?According to Chinese gadget blog M.I.C. (Made in China), a man called Steel Legend (direct translation) created the tank based on Megatron as the character appears in the odious Transformers 2. Little else is known about the project, except that it weighs nearly five tons and was presumably made out of found materials.

The Megatron tank's existence was first publicized on Chinese website, which seems to be some kind of hobby site for insane artists and scientists. The Google translation is as follows:

Dear Friends Happy New Year!

The first year the legendary Iron Steel Sculpture: Transformers Megatron in tank available, and now pictures dedicated to everyone, I hope my friends for their valuable comments.

Process was full of twists and turns, the light tank track on the teeth, before and after no fewer than ten times to modify the program.Anyway, finally get rid of this monster, weighing almost 5 tons. Several aspects are split, however, today this baby out of the studio, a dozen people was not ready to spend an afternoon.

In fact, some parts can be refined, it can be done more refined, but experts of the supplier of many supporting a holiday, employees have to return home New Year, plus find a suitable material, so it feels out of less desirable.

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