Listen, despite what CA's Chris Sims might say on Twitter, I'm not one to advocate yelling at employees. It's counterproductive, hurts morale and totally cuts into screaming along with metalcore standards on the way to and from the grocery store. Instead, I take comfort in watching Megatron, the ruthless leader of the Decepticons, tear into Starscream, the biggest tool on Cybertron. As luck would have it, that's a lot of what goes on in Transformers Spotlight: Megatron by Nick Roche and Livio Ramondelli, out this week from IDW. A tie-in to IDW's ongoing Robots in Disguise title, the story is billed as the untold story of how Starscream avoided destruction at the hands of his previously assumed dead boss for mucking up his legacy. Turns out he didn't have a "World's Best Boss" mug waiting for him...From IDW's official solicitation info:

MEGATRON IS BACK! Writer/artist Nick Roche (Last Stand of the Wreckers) takes us back to the last time MEGATRON returned-when he found his DECEPTICON forces in tatters under the control of STARSCREAM. In this never-before-revealed tale, we learn exactly how Megatron reacted... and how Starscream survived!

You can check out seven pages from Transformers Spotlight: Megatron below.

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