A hero is defined by their villains, and comic books are filled with some of the scariest and silliest bad guys around. Rogues’ Gallery aims to settle the score and determine who is the true arch-nemesis for some of our favorite heroes, and we need your help to do it!

This week, we're looking at possibly the most popular non-superhero franchise in all of comics, The Transformers! There's so many villainous 'bots that we've had to pare down the list to the best of the best, and now it's your call as to which one gets to sit at the top spot and claim the title of best Transformers villain ever.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Megatron, right? It's as obvious a choice as Doctor Doom or The Joker. However, Megatron has spent the last few years in IDW's comics as not only a good guy, but a fully fledged Autobot. He's renounced his Decepticon ways, and even taken a vow of pacifism, but do his previous exploits still outweigh his attempts to make up for them?

When Megatron's out of the picture, there's always a scramble to fill that void, which could see a lot of votes go towards Starscream, Galvatron, Soundwave and even Ratbat. Then there's villainous characters like Jhiaxus, Chief Justice Tyrest and Nemesis Prime who aren't Decepticons, but are still massive threats to be taken seriously.

Let us know who you think gets the top spot for The Transformers’ number one nemesis below, and we’ll be back in a few weeks with a countdown of his top ten best and baddest villains. You can vote for up to three selections in the poll!




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