First Born #2 coverPress Release

The second pulse pounding issue of this summer's hottest event, First Born, will finally reveal the true origin of Sara Pezzini's mysterious pregnancy and give fans the answers they've been looking for since Sara's life altering revelation in Witchblade #100.

Writer Ron Marz (Ion, Witchblade) and digital painting sensation Stjepan Sejic (Witchblade, The Darkness Levels) deliver an epic battle between the forces of Dark and Light as Jackie Estacado, The Darkness and the servants of The Angelus engage in a brutal melee with Sara Pezzini and her partner, Patrick Gleason, caught in the middle! Will Sara and her child survive amidst all this chaos without the Witchblade to protect them? First Born #2 is scheduled for an August 2007 release. Also releasing in August will be tie in issue Witchblade #111 where Magdalena enters the fray of First Born. Witchblade #111 features a story by ongoing writer Marz and art by Steve Sadowski (JSA, Red Sonja Annual) & Kevin Nowlan (Batman: Black & White, Superman vs. Aliens). The issue will also feature a beautiful cover by Mike Mayhew (Vamiprella, The Pulse).

"The second issue is the one where all hell really starts to break loose. The forces of dark and light go after each other like there's no tomorrow ... and who knows, there might not be. So the obvious thing to do is put a pregnant woman right in the middle of the whole thing," said writer Marz.

"I just spent 6 years wanting to draw Witchblade and that's ALOT of stockpiled artistic steam, I warmed up on 3 issues of Witchblade and I'm ready to let it all out," exclaimed artist Sejic, "I wish I was painting the final issue first, the finale will be mind-blowing. and things will truly never be the same again!"

"The scope of First Born is massive and the repercussions will be felt in the Top Cow Universe for the next year," added Vice President of Marketing & Sales, Filip Sablik, "I'm still amazed Ron and Stjepan are able to fit all of this story into just three issues".

First Born #2 is a 32 page full color comic in a limited series with a suggested retail price of $2.99. Additional information regarding First Born can be found at and

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