Webcomics: It's Twitterficial, Chris Onstad's Achewood will return from hiatus... soon? [Achewood]

TV: Actress Lucy Punch has been cast as Deena Pilgrim for FX's Powers pilot. [Deadline]

Sadness: Hilarious Tumblr page Peanutweeter has been struck down by Iconix Brands Group after filing a complaint under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. AAUGH! [Underwire]

Gaming: If you're into killing time with free online games, you'll likely dig the adventures of SpeedRunner. He's like the Flash with a grappling hook. [4CR]

Art: October Toys has reached its Kickstarter goal to bring its M.U.S.C.L.E.-like OMFG series to life. Of course, you've still got time to contribute to get a set of limited edition pink rubbery monster dudes designed by a host of international artists. [Weirdo Toys]

Movies: Norton's "Captain America: Behind the Shield" featurette sees star Chris Evans, Marvel folks and the The First Avenger filmmakers comment on the Sentinel of Liberty's mighty disc. [SuperHeroHype]

Memes: You've probably seen your share of contributions to the '60s Spider-Man animated series meme, but only Gamma Squad's got a definitive gallery. [GS]

Art: It may be June, but Larry Wentzel's Doctor Who and Peanuts love in "Merry Christmas Doctor Who" is welcome any time of year. [io9]

Anime: A new Blade Anime teaser shows off Deacon Frost and his fangy badness. Anyone else looking forward to seeing Blade destroy this guy? [Marvel]

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