TV: Cartoon Network's Toonami block will expand to expands to 6 hours next week and run from midnight-6am. [Crunchyroll]

History: Scientific American's "Buddhist "Iron Man" Found by Nazis Is from Space" headline doesn't really have anything to do with comics or superheroes, but it's still an interesting read. [SA]

Culture: Phillip Kennedy Johnson has written a moving essay explaining the need for superheroes in response to a fallen Aurora Shootings victim named Alex Teve's heroism and his family's challenge to the media to stop giving killers undue fame. [PKJ]

Gaming: The Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins launch trailer reminds fans everywhere that they can now buy two of their favorite games all over again with some added features. [MNI]

Movies: A recently uploaded video of the supposed first trailer for the 2002 Spider-Man movie -- reportedly only shown in 2001 at a trade show -- sees Peter Parker playing with mechanical webshooters. [Comic Book Movie]

History: Inspired by an episode of Pokémon that gave some children seizures in Japan, the US Army considered building an epilepsy gun. [Kotaku]

Anime: Saban Brands has acquired Digimon for distribution outside of Asia and will bring a localized Digimon Fusion/Digimon Xros Wars to the US soon. [LA Business Journal]

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