Webcomics: Ryan Pequin captures the full Akira experience in just four panels... well, an approximation of the full Akira experience. You should still read the full manga by Katsuhiro Otomo if you haven't already. [Three Word Phrase]

Food: Sanji, star chef of the Straw Hat Pirates on One Piece, is getting his own restaurant in Universal Studios Japan this summer. Causing trouble there might result in a kick to the face. [ANN]

TV: Doctor Who won't be getting a full season/series in 2012. Start stockpiling Who multimedia you haven't absorbed now. [Blastr]

Gaming: Nintendo's tapped Robin Williams and his aptly-named daughter Zelda for a sweet commercial promoting the 3DS release of Ocarina of Time. She's really named after the princess! [Kotaku]

Art: Casey Edwards merges Super Mario Bros. with the X-Men in a series of awesome posters. [Robot6]

Awesome: Someone awesome made a righteous playable mashup of Pokemon and Street Fighter that, frankly, beats Pokemon Stadium and its lack of contact out of the water. [Topless Robot]

Sci-fi: A Softer World creates Doctor Who haiku comics from show stills. Naturally, some are a little naughty. [io9]

Movies: Fans can catch more of the Japanese live action Space Pirate Captain Harlock film in a short featurette that originally aired on France's BFM TV. [ANN]

Adult: Extreme Comixxx has a new SFW teaser for their upcoming Captain America porn parody. It's pretty much what you'd expect, minus the girls. [Gamma Squad]

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