Animation: Here's your first look at what Aquaman will look like in the new Justice League: Throne of Atlantis feature. [TV Guide]


Television: Jim Gordon is Very Serious in the new TV spot for Fox's Gotham. (Also, did you know that someone who could be The Joker will reportedly appear in every episode? Weird.) [Nerdist]


Video: Former ComicsAlliance Editor Caleb Goellner, now at Wacom, co-hosted a lengthy chat with Umbrella Academy writer Gerard Way about his new series, All Ages, and other topics. [YouTube]



Manga: A theme park based on One Piece will open in Tokyo next spring. Yes, an entire theme park! [Kotaku]


Television: Co-writer Seth Rogen continues to tease what will happen in the upcoming AMC
Preacher series. Appropriate music choice, no? [



Movies: Dante Harper, who wrote the first draft of the Edge of Tomorrow script, is apparently working on a live-action Akira screenplay. [Deadline]

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