Movies: In the proud tradition of Transmorphers and Transmorphers: Fall of Man, The Asylum is planning on an... Atlantic Rim release. Will the main difference from Pacific Rim be that the kaiju will prefer yachting to surfing? [Dread Central]

Toys: Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum have revealed two more Iron Man 3 Minimates, including a partially armored Tony Stark and an "Extremis Soldier." [Art Asylum]

Video: Friend of CA Adam WarRock and Daniel deBlanke put their stamp on The Bravest Warriors in the new "Bravest Warriors Rap." [Cartoon Hangover]

Blogs: Stop motion animator and filmmaker extraordinaire Alex Kropinak (Twisted ToyFare Theatre, Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!) has launched a new blog, which includes his reel, a look inside his creative process and more. [Porkinak]

Video: Actor Thomas Jane (The Punisher, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, DC Showcase: Jonah Hex) promotes the upcoming Free Comic Book Day 2013. [FCBD]

Digital: Select Dark Horse Comics titles are now available digitally via Google Play. [DH]

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