Video: College Humor imagines how awkward Bale's Batman would be in Marvel's much lighter Avengers movieverse. [CH]

Sales: Barnes and Noble is currently running a "buy 2, get 1 free" sale on select DC/Vertigo graphic novels. [The Beat]

Video: Youtube user Arlox imagines if Hasbro (or, I suppose Kenner?) had created a commercial for a line of 3.75" action figures for John Carpenter's The Thing. [Topless Robot]

Art: Lindsay Aspen's Pokemon-inspired dress designs seem ready to hit the cosplay circuit. [Neatorama]

Toys: Kotobukiya has released new images of its upcoming ARTFXJ statue take on Trigun's (Badlands Rumble) Vash the Stampede. [Kotobukiya]

Art: These awesome life-size Lego Batman and Iron Man sculptures by 14-year-old Evan Bacon seem ready to strike fear into the hearts of criminals and exasperate Nick Fury, respectively. [Technabob]

Music: Betsy Lee animates Kirby Krackle's new video for their Super Mario Bros. inspired tune, "In Another Castle." [KK]

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