Toys: A new The Avengers movie action figure display at the Toys"R"Us store in Times Square sees the team squaring off against Loki's mystery army. [Toy Ark]

Corporate: NMA and its crazy videos aren't going anywhere, apparently. Thank goodness! [Gizmodo]

TV: To celebrate Earth Day, Boomerang will host a Captain Planet and the Planeteers marathon on April 22. [MTV]

Movies: Agent Maria Hill interacts with Nick Fury in a new Avengers clip from actress Cobie Smulders' appearance on Letterman this week. [Topless Robot]

Upcoming: You like Gambit, chere? Marvel get you a new comic in August!

...Sorry, I had to try the Gambit voice. [Marvel]

Builds: Gundam Guy fuses the iconic Mobile Suit with Neon Genesis Evangelion aesthetics. Man alive, I wish this were a real action figure. [Tomopop]

Webcomics: ShiftyLook has announced its latest Namco Bandai videogame-based webcomic, Scar, to be produced by Velvet Engine Pte. Ltd. with writer Edmund Shern and artist Skan Srisuwan. New material will debut April 12. [ICv2]

Toys: IDW's Mars Attacks musical may have been a prank, but Mezco's MA toys will be a reality in November. [Toynewsi]

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