Gaming: Batman: Arkham City will support both stereoscopic and old-fashioned anaglyph (red and blue glasses) varieties of 3D at launch. [Joystiq]

International: Robert Kirkman's Skybound imprint at Image has inked a deal for distribution in Asia, taking Invincible, The Walking Dead, Witch Doctor and more overseas. [THR]

Conventions: SPX has posted a list of releases debuting at its September 10-11 show in Maryland. There's more than 50 books! [The Beat]

Cosplay: Mayfaire Moon debuts a Doctor Who TARDIS corset, which actually lends itself to the standard "bigger on the inside" joke pretty well. [Geeksaresexy]

Gaming: The superpower-based Infamous 2 is getting a vampire-y DLC standalone adventure called "Festival of Blood" later this year. Perhaps in time for Halloween? Please? [Kotaku]

Crafts: Reddit user Masennus shows off a NES repurposed in the name of lunch. [Neatorama]

Gaming: Val Kilmer talks about his role as Walker Sloan in Spider-Man: Edge of Time. [Gametrailers]

Skateboards: Penguin's got a line of skateboard decks featuring art from their Penguin Classics Deluxe books in the pipeline. I want Jason's Dharma Bums board so, so, badly. [Fantagraphics]

Art: Tough Pigs, a a website celebrating the life and Muppety legacy of Jim Henson, celebrates its 10th anniversary with some great art including Dave Hulteen's Miss Piggy/Rosie the Riveter mashup. [Tough Pigs]

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