Art: Katya Malakhova's Batman nesting dolls are like a self-contained Bat Family. [Neatorama]

Culture: Tokyo's Seiseki-Sakuragaoka station will play a music box version of John Denver's "Country Roads" as heard in Studio Ghibli's Whisper of the Heart beginning in April. [ANN]

Tokusatsu: Following Toei's announcement for Super Sentai self-parody, it appears Gainax has a sitcom-like spoof series of its own, EA's Rock, in the works. [Japanator]

Toys: Sonic's Wacky Pack kids' meal currently includes plush tots modeled after members of the Justice League. [Robot 6]

Upcoming: Breehn Burns illustrates the Bravest Warriors cast in action, comics style, with their signature weapons. [Cartoon Hangover]

Gaming: Marvel: Avengers Alliance will feature a "Distress Call" option that allows players to call on their friends to send their best characters to help them win a battle. [MAA]

Toys: Bandai's new 1/8 scale Tiger & Bunny model kits are slated for a summer release in Japan. [ANN]

History: The working Mickey Mouse gas mask is a reminder of just how grim WWII era cosplay must have been. [io9]

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