Infographics: Mashable and Samsung estimate the cost of being a superhero at the times they were created and now. [Tumblr]

Movies: A deleted scene from The Wolverine shows Logan getting a version of his classic yellow-and-browns. [ScreenCrush]


Toys: Check out the new bishoujo Spider-Woman figure from Kotobukiya. [Crunchyroll]

Videos: An attempt to fit all 718 current Pokémon into a new version of the original rap proves there maybe too many Pokémon. [CollegeHumor]


Books: Steve Ditko is among the many mugs you'll find in Paul Hornschemeier's new book Artists Authors Thinkers Directors. [Fantagraphics]


TV: The son of the writer of the first-ever Doctor Who serial is suing the BBC for ownership of the TARDIS. [io9]

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