Yes Please: We love Batman. We love animated GIFs. We love this. Our eyes kind of hurt and we still love this. [The Daily What]

Movies: If you haven't picked up the new Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Blu-ray, rest assured Edgar Wright will dish on the film's robot-tastic alternate ending. [MTV Splash Page]

Gaming: UDON's upcoming Mega Man: Robot Masters Field Guide looks like the equivalent of a Pokédex for MM fans and that is a very good thing. [CBR]

Art: Glen from The Autumn Society's new illustration for Front Magazine rules. Rules hard! [The Autumn Society]

Toys: One Piece fans can now decorate their favorite bottles with prominent headwear featured in the manga/anime. [Tomopop]

Animation: The November 17 episode of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is set to introduce The Black Panther. This version of T'Challa looks appropriately bad to the bone. [MarvelousNews]

Tech: I can think of about 100 uses for these DarkFin's flexible latex rubber gloves with crazy webbing and 99 involve cosplay. The other one is swimming really fast - get your minds out of the gutter. [The Daily What]

Toys: This 12" Barb Wire doll is packed with articulation and accessories, but she could probably use a coat if any of your dolls can spare one. [Dark Horse]

Total Nonsense: How as your weekend? Their weekend was probably better. [Twitter]

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