Gaming: SEGA's unveiled the box art for Captain America: Super Soldier. Dude looks ready to rumble. [SuperHeroHype]

Industry: Supernatural, Chuck and Human Target producer McG is launching his own Aspen Comics imprint. [Robot6]

Movies: Marvel has hired No Heroics creator Drew Pearce to pen Iron Man 3. [Deadline]

TV: If we're reading James Kochalka's bio strip correctly, it looks like he and Frederator Studios have met with HBO, Fox and FX regarding an animated SuperF*ckers project. [American Elf]

Animation: The latest Thor: Tales of Asgard clip sees teen Asgardians being jerks and stealing hooch. [Lionsgate]

Webcomics: Loki rears his mischievous head far from Thor continuity. [Nedroid]

Music: A-1 raps from the Black Ranger's point of view and it's pretty glorious. It's also totally NSFW, though. [ToplessRobot]

Humor: John Glynn announced a Calvin and Hobbes movie last Friday. You know the drill. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Manga: Square Enix is expanding its manga offerings across TV and film, with an emphasis on Arakawa Under the Bridge. [Kotaku]

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