Art: Steve Thomas' concert posters have me wishing Voltron were really on tour. [Super Punch]

Parenthood: Adam Rogers shares how Batman and Bwana Beast sculpted his parenting style. [The Atlantic]

Industry: Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley weighs in on why event comics work, Marvel's movies and what Disney will mean for the publisher's all-ages outreach and more in part two of IcV2's one-on-one interview. [IcV2]

AMC continues its march toward the October 31 premiere of "The Walking Dead" with another behind-the-scenes featurette. [Comic Vine]

Predictions: Marvel editor Nate Cosby imagines Zack Snyder's "Superman" movie aesthetic. [Natecosboom]

Movies: WB's upcoming "Green Lantern" film now has its own official website... with nothing on it just yet. [Greenlantern]

Art: Richard Sala has debuted "Unmasked," a spooky new portrait gallery in time for Halloween featuring frightening faces. [Fantagraphics]

Industry: Arcana Studios has acquired former Devil's Due titles and its "prime directive continues to be developing intellectual properties for branded entertainment," with its new stable of books. [CBR]

Awesomeness: Jeb Corliss pulls off some truly superheroic moves professionally in his gliding wingsuit. [TNW]

Comics: "King City" creator Brandon Graham revisits his 2005 contribution to "Meathaus" #8entitled "Exercise." [RoyalBoiler]

Invitations: If you happen to work for Industrial Light and Magic, you got a pretty dope Halloween party invite this year. [StarWars]

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