Art: Old Red Jalopy imagines five famed comedians as comic book super heroes -- comics as comics, if you will. [Next Movie]

Culture: Writer/comedian/MC and Community star Donald Glover lays out his ten favorite nerdy things for The Village Voice. [Topless Robot]

TV: If you're riled up over the various iterations of Adrianne Palicki's Wonder Woman costume, there's supposedly a third crime fighting ensemble set to pop up before long that will have a more classic feel. [TV Line]

Bikes: Kanye West's Akira-style motorcycle replica originally intended to pop up in his video for "Stronger" was recently sold on Craigslist. $4,000 is kind of expensive for a plastic bike without a motor, but it did feature West and famed bike builder Eddie Paul's signatures. [MTV Geek]

Customs: FigureRealm user Shinobitron crafts a captivating Captain Universe Spider-Man custom figure. [Toycutter]

Movies: The official full Priest trailer is now up on Yahoo! I am compelled for really no good reason to see this thing on May 13. [SuperHeroHype]

Rings: Fans still needing a proper LED powered White Lantern ring will be able to pick up a full set of Blackest Night based rings from the full color spectrum from DC Direct in December. [Toynewsi]

Seekrits: June's Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160 joins Fantastic Four #587 in Marvel's 2011 polybag plans. [Marvel]

Kids: A video from Marvel Comics and the New York City Fire Department's fire safety comic event is now online. Kids and Captain America are a winning combination. [Marvel]

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