Upcoming: Craig Thompson's Habibi finally has a firm release date. Final cover artwork isn't set, but $29.95 will score fans 672 black and white pages surrounded by a clothbound hardcover with stamped gold foil come September 20. [DootDootGarden]

Movies: My movie Iron Man and yours, Robert Downey Jr., has been cast as Mr. Peabody by Dreamworks for a projected 2014 Mr. Peabody & Sherman animated feature. Quiet, you! [The Daily Cartoonist]

Comic Strips: After 32 years cartoonist Dick Locher is passing the reins of the long-running Dick Tracy comic strip to the new creative team of artist Joe Staton and writer Mike Curtis. [CBR]

Transformations: If only I had the slightest bit of faith that Transformers 3 would be this good... [Topless Robot]

Creators: Dean Haspiel shares some empowering words for his fellow creators regarding self-publishing and rights management in the digital age. [The Beat]

Movies: A new set video from the upcoming Spider-Man movie relaunch sees a stunt performer flip into the bed of a truck. [SuperheroHype]

Webcomics: The first installment of ACT-I-VATEr Michel Fiffe's new Zegas series is now live. [MTV Geek]

Arts and Crafts: The best gifts come from the heart - especially inexpensive mugs adorned with hand-painted Hello Kitty and Totoro images. [ANN]

Toys: Two Japanese two customizers were arrested for selling a modified Kamen rider toy online. We've got it pretty good in the US on the custom toy front. [Kotaku]

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