Art: Dan Hipp imagines a kinder world where Hellboy and Abe Sapien can spend Halloween dressed as their favorite heroes instead of fighting frogs and other supernatural threats. [Mr.Hipp]

Webcomics: Axe Cop is currently hosting a costume contest. If you dress up as an AC character, you could win a guest appearance in the series! [Axe Cop]

Hollywood: The X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 character lineup might include Lord Shingen, Mariko, Silver Samurai and Yukio. [SuperHeroHype]

Art: The New Yorker's special Halloween party cover by Ivan Brunetti features its share of superheroes. [The Beat]

Comic Strips: A 1977 letter from Charles M. Schulz to a fan spells out his intent as a creator writing for adults, but from a child's point of view. It's a sweet look at why Peanuts was, and is, so consistently resonant. [The High Definite]

Not even a link: While discussing Action Comics with the CA staff, I made a startling connection between The Spin Doctors' "Jimmy Olsen's Blues" music video and Matt Smith as The Doctor. That is all.

PhotoShop: President Obama doesn't read Superior, but Mark Millar wishes he did. [Comic Vine]

Reading: Speaking of Dan Hipp, did you know all three volumes of his epic, Gyakushu! can currently be read for free online through the end of October. I highly recommend checking them out before the month is over. If you miss it, you can always pick up digital copies at Zinio for a good price. [TheThiefisDead]