Auctions: Heritage Auctions has some of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns art you can bid on... if you've got Bruce Wayne money. [ComicVine]

Industry: Fantagraphics co-founder Mike Catron and original staffer Preston White have returned to the publisher in editorial and art department positions, respectively. [FLOG!]

Gaming: A Valentine's Day update for Scribblenauts Remix is now available on mobile devices. [Joystiq]

Commercials: If you haven't caught MetLife's cartoon-packed commercial shown during the Super Bowl over the weekend, now's a good time as any to take in the cameos and whatever message their use is supposed to signify. [Topless Robot]

Replicas: NECA's upcoming Portal gun replica doesn't tear through time and space, but it does look stylish. [Toyark]

Cutoms: Spider-Ham gets the custom figure treatment from Discogod. Hasbro needs to replicate this success pronto. [Toycutter]

Tokusatsu: The Go-Busters drop in on the latest clip from Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen. [Jefusion]

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