Toys: Dark Knight Spud, everyone. [BBTS]

Gaming: "Marvel Heroic Roleplaying," a new RPG from Margaret Weis Productions, arrives in stores February 28. [ICv2]

Novels: Following an outpouring of fan criticism over continuity errors in William C. Dietz's Mass Effect: Deception, Del Rey and BioWare have promised to fix future print editions. [Kotaku]

Upcoming: The Source has a look at art from DC's new "Liefeld Lineup" of titles, including which creators he'll be working with on Deathstroke, The Savage Hawkman and Grifter. [The Source]

Cartoons: Slate examines the many times Daffy Duck has been shot in the face -- specifically the 18 instances found in Chuck Jones' "Hunting Trilogy" of shorts. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Manga: A new One Piece promotion in Japan puts fans on the series' signature wanted posters. [ANN]

Costumes: Spider-Man seems to be emulating Venom's recent style a bit in a new teaser for The Amazing Spider-Man #682. [Marvel]

Video: This Star Wars: The Phantom Menace featurette is only slightly more irritating than the movie itself. But who knows, maybe the 3D re-issue will top them both. [io9]

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