Movies: New set photos from the "Captain America: The First Avenger" set reveal a sleek looking sub. [The Liverpool Daily Post]

Industry: Vertigo's Pornsak Pichetshote, Jonathan Vankin and Joan Hilty are among the first to be laid off as part of DC Comics' major cutbacks. We wish the best to all affected parties. [The Beat]

Digital Comics: Following confirmation that Image Comics plans to simultaneously release "The Walking Dead" in print and digital formats, TWD creator Robert Kirkman says all of his books, which include "Invincible" and "Haunt" will follow suit soon. [CBR]

Toys: An enterprising "Axe Cop" fan by the name of Mike modeled a golden Wexter that only makes me crave AC action figures even more. [Axe Cop]

Publishing: Former "Kramers Ergot" publisher Buenaventura Press closed its doors last spring, but appears to at least partially have returned with the upcoming release of new comics from Pigeon Press. It may not be a full-on return of the publisher, but we'll take anything even quasi Beunaventura we can get. [Robot6]

Video: Archaia Comics' upcoming "Return of the Dapper Men" by Jim McCann and Janet Lee gets a new trailer. [iFanboy]

Curses: Is Batman trying to tell us something on the cover of an upcoming "The Road" oneshot? [Bleeding Cool]

Gaming: Cartoonist Toby Jones remembers "Cruis'n USA" on the Nintendo 64. Well, he kind of remembers it, anyway. [4colorrebellion]

Hollywood: This week's Lois Lane casting rumor goes to "Thor" star Natalie Portman. She seems like a good match for the equally less-than-likely Jon Hamm as Superman. [Super Hero Hype]