Gaming: DC Universe Online will release a new Lantern-centric "Fight for the Light" downloadable content pack this summer that will add a light construct powers and missions rooted in GL lore to the title. [DCUO]

Animation: Paramount plans to release a film from its new animation studio by 2014, potentially drawing from outlets across Viacom like Nickelodeon. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Manga: Two young manga artists have won a stay in a Tokyo apartment that overlooks where Astro Boy creator and prolific manga legend Osamu Tezuka spent his youth. The creators will live and work in the apartment to honor the memory of Tezuka, who died in 1989. [ANN]

Crafts: Just in case your love of superheroes spills outside of your home and into your backyard, Instructables user Papier Boy has instructions for converting garden gnomes into cats like Batman. [BoingBoing]

Soap: If you need to clean yourself in time and relative dimensions in space, Kylee Lane's TARDIS soap is for you. [dVice]

Gaming: A new teaser for Batman: Arkham City plays up the Riddler's menacing plans for the Caped Crusader. [Joystiq]

Promos: Marvel teases a Fear Itself spinoff for December that may star a dude with a very specific kind of fist. [Marvel]

Anime: Toyota's recruited Neon Genesis Evangelion to promote its Prius hybrids. Most highway drivers are probably going to side with the angels in this scenario, although the tricked out paint jobs on these things are awesome. [Kotaku]

Grub: Marvel's Ryan Penagos hits Dunkin Donuts' HQ to see how the Captain America: The First Avenger donuts are made. Do the LBFA guys know about this? [Marvel]

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