Threads: RobotSumi has more images from DC's upcoming custom Converse kicks. [io9]

Toys: It looks like Art Asylum's Battle Beasts revival is still in the offing, although heat rub stickers are still being considered once things pick back up. [Toynewsi]

Cartooning: R.C. Harvey explores comparative imagery and its use in political cartoons. [The Comics Journal]

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Hollywood: Ryan Reynolds says his upcoming "Deadpool" movie wont' have any connection to his "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" character. Also, somebody made a totally fake, but totally awesome DP movie mockup by Photoshopping "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra's" Snake Eyes. [The Geek Files]

TV: New "Smallville" teasers show off what could be Clark's Superman suit, among other upcoming items from the show's ninth season. [Comic Vine]

Art: David Chelsea illustrates "Wonder Woman of Willendorf." Don't touch it unless you want to be super fertile. [The Beat]

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