TV: We weren't in love with Deadshot's Arrow appearance, but Deathstroke is looking pretty faithful to his comic book counterpart. [IGN]

Industry: According to ICv2, the digital comics market did very well in the first half of 2012, "tripling vs. the first half of 2011," when the market was already $25 million strong. [ICv2]

Movies: A live action Gatchaman movie will apparently begin filming in Japan today. [Eiga]

Gaming: The latest ThunderCats cartoon may be doomed, but Namco Bandai's latest trailer for its TCats Nintendo DS game should prove some consolation to fans craving more of the kitties. [NBG]

Toys: Mattel displayed a Huntress action figure prototype at NYCC 2012, potentially from its Club Infinite Earths subscription line at MattyCollector. [The Fwoosh]

Collectibles: Fans of the Avengers movie will soon be able to pick up a replica pack of Agent Coulson's vintage Captain America trading cards. [BBTS]

Video: Transformers Prime is getting its own version of the Predacons this spring in Transformers: Beast Hunters. [TF]

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