Movies: In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, Executive producer Avi Arad says that The Amazing Spider-Man isn't necessarily a cinematic reboot. Zuh, fwah?! It's totally a reboot, though. [TMT]

Software: If you were seeking some of the functionality of Poser Pro 3-D modeling software, but couldn't get past its $500 price tag, at $50 with some of the same mojo the new Poser Debut may be for you. [Comics Worth Reading]

Movies: Harry Potter series screenwriter Steve Kloves has been hired to help make Warner Bros.'s Akira script shine. [Variety]

Art: Derek Charm illustrates Grant Morrison's 7 Soldiers animated style. [Super Punch]

Cosplay: I don't want to disparage fans of clowns, but as they are not my particular cup of tea (or Batman's, really), I must agree with Failblog's assessment of this... Batman cosplay? [Failblog]

Manga: Croatian food manufacturer Podravka invented a condiment called "Vegeta" in 1958 and doesn't dig seeing images of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball villain of the same name when doing Google Image searches. Poor Podravka. [ANN]

Toys: Shocker Toys's slate of 2011 toys will include plenty of classic comic book characters, plus a new line of anime favorites and multiple mallows. [First Comics News]

Tech: Warner Bros. has released new movie-viewing apps that tack on social/sharing features for titles including Inception and The Dark Knight. [Techland]

Threads: The Superman Backpack seems to solve the issue of not having pockets, but it seems like the cape might hamper easy access to trail mix. [BBTS]

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