Video: The Cinema Sins crew identifies "everything wrong" with The Dark Knight. [CS]

Covers: DC's exclusive He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #1 action figure variant can be yours for the price of a $24.99 12-issue subscription. [The Source]

Gaming: Draw Something 2 is apparently on the way. Hoping it's got more functionality and fewer freemium woes than its predecessor. [Joystiq]

Movies: The Iron Man 3 IMAX poster assembles the film's full cast of heroes and villains (even if it doesn't stock all of Tony Stark's armors). [SHH]

Animation: Stan Lee's World of Heroes kicks off a second season of its animated Bad Days series, this time focusing on Deadpool. [WOH]

Threads: If you're not content to rock the pricey The Dark Knight motorcycle suit from UD Replicas, the company now offers Bale Batman's backpack, too. [Gizmodo]

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