Movies: Artist Edward Rueda does his best Ralph Steadman impersonation of what Rango's tale might look like if it were inspired by Hunter S. Thompson's exotic adventures. [Moviefone]

TV: Elizabeth Hurley will play an unspecified villain role in the upcoming Wonder Woman TV pilot starring Adrianne Palicki. [TV Squad]

Manga: Another new Neon Genesis Evangelion manga is on the way in April from Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. [Japanator]

Podcasts: CA Associate Editor Andy Khouri is back for his third appearance on the Meltdown Comics podcast, Meltcast. Topics of discussion include convention season, the Powers television pilot, ComicsAlliance on The Daily Show and more. [Meltcast]

Toys: Boom! Studios may have The Disney Afternoon covered in comics, but toymaker Vinylmation will be hitting characters like Darkwing Duck, Chip & Dale and more in toy form. [Tomopop]

Upcoming: Warner Bros. Animation has released the final box art for the Green Lantern: Emerald Knights Blu-ray. [Facebook]

Art: Todd McFarlane teaches drawing with video tutorials focusing on faces and eyes. [Super Punch]

Toys: anthonyrapitist's custom Udon Taskmaster will have you nostalgic for 2002. [Toycutter]

Gaming: DC Universe Online's latest group combat raid, The Batcave Inner Sanctum, will pit players against Brother Eye and OMACs in Batman's base of operations. [DCUO]

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