Movies: Edgar Wright is reportedly working on Ant-Man again. Can they just make this thing already? [24Frames]

Advertising: The majority of the most talked movies on Twitter come from Comic Book Land, a place I made up to paraphrase "movies based on comic books." It's a nice place. [AdAge]

More Movies: David Fincher seems pretty optimistic about animating Eric Powell's The Goon in full. So are we, the teaser was dope. [AintitCool]

Horror: This is some serious Mario madness. [Kotaku]

Art: Fabian Glez recasts OS icons as Batman villains. [Flickr]

Threads: These "Form Blazing Sword!" Voltron boxers are sure to stun and confuse any robeasts you may encounter. [Anime News Network]

Gaming: If you were into Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, you'll be happy to learn that Activision is keeping Beenox on to reprise its developmental duties for future Spidey games. [MTV Multiplayer]

Art: Jay Anacleto draws a mean Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds promo poster. [Marvel]

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